Political Music Project

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Having trouble picking a song? 

Check out these links….

My own list of pre-approved songs is HERE

Click HERE for a good definition and summary of Political Music.  This article contains many links and song suggestions.  If you are having trouble coming up with an idea for this project, read this article!

Political Studies Association list of “Greatest Political Songs of All Time” (be warned, this organization is British, so some of the issues and artists might not be familiar to an American audience).

Check out PopMatters list of the 65 Greatest Protest Songs.  Unfortunately, a lot of the youtube links are dead, but you can search youtube at home for these songs.

In 2009, the Guardian (a British newspaper) published this list of political/protest songs.  It is a pretty big list – lots to choose from here.

Wikipedia’s List of Great Protest Songs. is another good place to look.

About.com list of 10 Best Social/Political R&B Songs.

About.com list of Best Classic Anti-War Songs.

RethinkingSchools List of Political Music organized by issues.

Click HERE for a very complete list of political music from the Vietnam War era from all points of view (there are links for lists of songs on the left side of the page).

If you like country music, check out this article about country music with political themes.

Finally, here is a list of songs all about the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The Redistricting Game

So what is Gerrymandering?


The Redistricting Game is designed to educate, engage, and empower citizens around the issue of political redistricting. When playing the game, you will learn about redistricting fundamentals, gerrymandering, the Voting Rights Act, and potential reforms. From the University of Southern California (USC) Game Innovation Lab, part of the USC School of Cinematic Arts’ Interactive Media Division. It was developed for the USC Annenberg Center for Communications a few years ago.

Click HERE to watch a video about the making of this game.

Your assignment is to complete mission 1,2,& 3.

Explore the Redistricting Game website.  Read about the game.  Learn about redistricting.   Then complete the following three missions:

Mission 1:  Redraw the boarders to create population equality in four districts (Basic version)

Mission 2:  Give your party a majority in 3 districts instead of the current 2.  Maintain population equality. (Basic version)

Mission 3: Give each incumbent a 55% majority in their district.   Maintain population equality. (Basic version)

Each mission will be worth 10 points.  Altogether, this is a 30 point assignment.

In order to get credit, you must show Mr. Cammarata the final screen that has three green check marks next to the legislature, the governor and the courts. 

The final screen will look like this:

In the comment section you can share some thoughts about the game.  What do you think of gerrymandering? Should the practice be banned?  What type of system should replace it to draw political borders?  What role should citizens have in this process?


Political Parties Research Project Links

PoliticalPartiesimagePolitical Parties Internet Research Activity 

Use the following links to research issues and the positions of the various political parties on the issues:

The Republican Party

Main site               GOP Party Platform 

The Democratic Party

Main site               Democratic Party Platform

The Libertarian Party

Main Site                Libertarian Party Platform               Libertarian Party Issues Page

The Green Party

Main Site               Green Party Platform                Green Party Issue Chart

The Constitution Party

Main Site               Constitution Party Platform


Public Opinion Polling Project

 The Project Guide that you recieved in class provides instructions on what you are to do, options for the final project, and a grading rubric so you know what is expected of your project.


Objective: Use data found in public opinion polls to learn about a particular issue or topic and how Americans view the issue/topic that you chose.

You can work on this as an individual project or with ONE other student (keep in mind those who work in pairs will be held to higher standards than individuals working alone and are expected to stay ON TASK the entire time).


 1.) Use the links to view lists of public opinion polls. You should browse multiple polls before deciding what topics you would like to research further. Make a list of the top 3-5 topics and show it to Mr. Cammarata.  Not everyone will be able to research their top choice; only two individuals/groups will be allowed to work on the same topic!

Once you’ve decided on a topic and have had it approved you can check out these other websites.


Use the following links to browse issues that might interest you.

Gallup Poll

Rasmussen Poll

Roper Poll

Pew Research Center

Polling Report

CBS News Polls

Marist Polls

ABC News Polls


World Public Opinion


You may also use search engines to help find polls but the data MUST be from a poll that follows the 5 step scientific polling process that we studied in class (NO internet straw polls!). If you have ANY doubt on the reliability of a poll, DO NOT USE IT.

 2.) Your project should use data from as many different polls as possible, preferably from different polling organization or websites.

 3.) Use the data to create either or a poster or a power point presentation that will teach the class about your topic and about the public’s opinion(s) on the issue. Think of the project as teaching someone who has no idea what polling is, or the 5 step, scientific process.

 4.) Based on the data you find from the various polls and research you conduct, you must come to some kind of a conclusion(s) about the public’s opinion(s) on the issue.

 5.) Your presentation should be visually appealing (looks good not just black and white) and free of grammar/spelling errors.

 6.) I will try to get some students to present their projects. Individuals who are chosen to present will receive extra credit.

NOTE: If you DO NOT have access to PowerPoint at home you may use the google docs version of PowerPoint to do your presentation.  This will allow you to work on it at home and get it done on time (remember, late assignements lose points!).  You can access Google Docs HERE.